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A bunch of random generators created from Citadel Submissions.

NPC Characteristics

Thanks to some members, namely Strolen, Ria Hawk, Agar, CaptainPenguin, Manfred, Fiokar_Dracolas and Ephemeralstability, you can now easily generate NPC characteristics from over 230 pieces.

What are NPC characteristics useful for?

NPCs can be so dry and bland when they come up and you aren't prepared for them. Other NPCs often times only have the stats rolled up and their personalities are neglected. That is where a list of simple characteristics can come in handy and you can stereotype the NPC and at least give them some kind of quirk that defines them a little better. Nobody may remember the innkeeper at that one city, but they may very well remember the innkeeper that picked his nose right before he gave the players their change. Just some little things to define the NPCs and make them more real. Some can be used by players as well to spice up their character a little.