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30 Legendary Antidotes/Cures III

PCs often end up with curses, sometimes serious ones. Or perhaps a great noble offers a reward to the PCs if they will cure his or her illness or curse before it proves fatal. Here are thirty cures that might be needed.

Categories: Discovery, Side-Quest
by Cheka Man
on February 14, 2018
Comments/Ideas: 3
Hits: 529
Heliopause and the Flight of the Oumuamua

An ambitious mission and an unlikely vessel

Categories: Crisis, Campaign
by Scrasamax
on February 8, 2018
Comments/Ideas: 4
Hits: 437
Why won't the people help us find this bad guy?

In many cases, the local people will not co-operate in providing information about criminals or those who are on the run. Here are seven reasons why they either won't or can't help track a wanted person or group down.

by Cheka Man
on February 4, 2018
Comments/Ideas: 4
Hits: 462
Bonewater Isle

You are suddenly awakened but something is very wrong. You are underwater. Breaking the surface and gasping for breath you see your sailing vessel is merely splinters in the sea and a great Kraken thrashes overhead. You see land in the distance, but, can you make the swim?

Categories: Travel, Mini-Campaign
by Skull
on February 1, 2018
Comments/Ideas: 5
Hits: 603
Kill All Witches

Born entirely from the Witch Freetext Challenge

Categories: Mystical, Campaign
by Scrasamax
on January 29, 2018
Comments/Ideas: 5
Hits: 573
The Upwelling

And then, Everything changed...

Categories: Crisis, Campaign
by valadaar
on January 26, 2018
Comments/Ideas: 1
Hits: 427
story ideas


Categories: Coincidence, Campaign
by Scrasamax
on December 28, 2017
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 98
Rendezvous with Maia

The end of Project Infinity and the realization of Maia

Categories: Event, Campaign
by Scrasamax
on October 8, 2017
Comments/Ideas: 1
Hits: 607
Project Infinity

To Infinity, and Beyond

motto of Project Infinity

Categories: Hired, Campaign
by Scrasamax
on August 26, 2017
Comments/Ideas: 1
Hits: 649
The History of Humanity in Space

In the future, as Humanity expands into the stars, certain eras of history will repeat themselves, but tailored to the contexts of space travel. These are the following eras of history that will see new life in the stars:

Categories: Event, Multi-Storyline
by K9ofChaos
on February 27, 2017
Comments/Ideas: 5
Hits: 853
Emotional Disruption Syndrome

Also known as EDS, a pervasive disorder where patients suffer from emotional instability, marked by self destructive behavior, violent outbursts, and other emotional disturbances.

Also a completely made up disorder.

by Scrasamax
on February 5, 2017
Comments/Ideas: 2
Hits: 983
MOONQUAKE!!!!(A tale of Mysantia)

WE HAVE TO DO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

(from 1983)

resurrected plot for gonzo freetext challenge, prob the most gonzo I've got!

Categories: Crisis, Single-Storyline
by Aramax
on February 1, 2017
Comments/Ideas: 6
Hits: 860
The Spitzkoppe Excavation

The Spitzkoppe Excavation was the most important archeological discovery in human history

Categories: Discovery, Campaign
by Scrasamax
on January 15, 2017
Comments/Ideas: 3
Hits: 909
The Daily Discourse

In the Cosmic Era, the Daily Discourse consists of the talking points and dialog guides laid out by the masterminds and controllers behind the media. Here is your opinion, bite sized for easy consumption.

Categories: Crisis, Encounter
by Scrasamax
on September 18, 2016
Comments/Ideas: 3
Hits: 1537
Interplanetary Cruiser Livingstone and the Sex Marines

The interplanetary cruiser ISS Livingstone was launched on a grandiose mission to tour every planet in the solar system, a technological tour de force of Technodyne Heavy Industries and SmartTek Technologies. It was an over-hyped media sensation that, predictably, failed to live up to expectations.

Categories: Hired, Single-Storyline
by Scrasamax
on August 6, 2016
Comments/Ideas: 6
Hits: 1150
Dia del Takanakuy

A festival of settling scores and airing of grievances

Categories: Event, Encounter
by Scrasamax
on November 21, 2015
Comments/Ideas: 5
Hits: 1510
Welcome to the Interplanar Census Bureau!

You've been pressed into community service for breaking interplanar law. You're going to have to be clever to finish their impossible tasks efficiently and get your sentence commuted, all while playing by the rules (at least while the Inevitables are watching).

This is a lighthearted series of adventures intended for characters level 8-12 in the Planescape setting. It's what happens when a game of Paranoia is set in Dungeons and Dragons.

Categories: Duty, Mini-Campaign
by PoisonAlchemist
on October 1, 2015
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 384
Universe 26

There are many grim projections for the Cosmic Era, and far from being the most horrific or exotic, the Universe 26 model has a frighteningly real chance of happening.

Categories: Crisis, Campaign
by Scrasamax
on June 12, 2015
Comments/Ideas: 6
Hits: 1621
Queen Llaewyn Reborn

'Llaewyn the Fair she was in her youth, in all truth a lover of mine. Though that boast is not mine alone, she was the beloved of many. And joyous, most joyous in form and deed. Till the time of her father's death. She alone sat by the auld king's bed and soothed his fevered brow though ever cruel in life was he. Cruel to all but Llaewyn to whom he gave every comfort and protection his world had to offer. The Fair One walked into the chamber of his last breath and the Black Queen walked out.' -Spectre of the Courtier

Categories: Event, Multi-Storyline
by Isharii
on February 8, 2015
Comments/Ideas: 6
Hits: 1791
A Grave Problem

The PCs are in a graveyard, when as they are passing a noble tomb with a certain symbol embossed on the door, the magic user in the party hears a voice from being the tomb door begging to be let out. What do the PCs do?

Categories: Discovery, Encounter
by Cheka Man
on February 3, 2015
Comments/Ideas: 7
Hits: 2094