All Hall of Honour

Elixer By: Scrasamax

A highly classified substance, 'Elixer' is the end product of a government project to create injected parapsychic power

Categories: Potion, Cursed
by Scrasamax
on August 17, 2018
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Hits: 121
Psychokinetic Firearms By: Scrasamax

The ultra-rare and ultimate firearms favored by gun adepts, assassins, and snipers.

Categories: Ranged Weapons, Villanous
by Scrasamax
on July 17, 2018
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Hits: 85
War Star By: Scrasamax

A hyper-prototype war machine intended to replace mecha, aerospace craft, and armor vehicles.

Categories: SpaceShips, Combat
by Scrasamax
on June 24, 2018
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Hits: 152
7 Things about Kong: Skull Island By: Scrasamax

Obvious spoiler warning is obvious

Categories: Humor/ Editorial, Players
by Scrasamax
on April 22, 2018
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 488
Dungeon Crab By: Scrasamax

A vile an insidious pest

Categories: Fauna, Underground
by Scrasamax
on March 8, 2018
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 396
30 Monsters of the North By: EchoMirage

A horde of devious, ferocious, tenacious, and atrocious creatures, beasts, and monstrosities to populate the northern realms of your fantasy. Get them while they're cold!

Categories: Intelligent Species, Tundra/ Arctic
by EchoMirage
on March 2, 2018
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 567
Arachnomancer By: Scrasamax

A summoner who specializes in spiders

Categories: Character Sheet, Mystical
by Scrasamax
on February 13, 2018
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 417
Neurohelmet By: Scrasamax

The original piece of hardware for controlling a mech

Categories: Armor, Combat
by Scrasamax
on February 10, 2018
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 383
7 Helmets By: Scrasamax

A sample of helmets

Categories: Armor, Combat
by Scrasamax
on February 10, 2018
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 427
Kill All Witches By: Scrasamax

Born entirely from the Witch Freetext Challenge

Categories: Mystical, Campaign
by Scrasamax
on January 29, 2018
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 571
Cheka Man
7 Types of Wood By: Cheka Man

Seven types of wood, some of which are very useful for building things of splendour, others which have few uses.

Categories: Resource, Gaming - In General
by Cheka Man
on January 20, 2018
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 436
7 Things about Bright By: Scrasamax

Bright is Netflix's new fantasy buddy cop drama staring Will Smith

Categories: Humor/ Editorial, Gaming - In General
by Scrasamax
on January 17, 2018
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 650
LawMaster Industries By: Scrasamax

Police gear produced by LawMaster Industries

Categories: Equipment Listing, Combat
by Scrasamax
on December 29, 2017
Comments/Ideas: 1
Hits: 495
Ring of Resistance By: Scrasamax

A type of ring crafted during a particularly brutal time period

Categories: Jewelry, Magical
by Scrasamax
on December 27, 2017
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 331
Aurumic Staff By: Scrasamax

The story of the Aurumic Staff is a story of deceit, murder, assassination, coercion, genocide, and war.

Categories: Wand/Staff/ Arcane, Cursed
by Scrasamax
on November 23, 2017
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 407
Blaze & Frost Stones By: Woofer295

Stones that have been attuned to the extreme temperatures of deserts or icy wastes. Such stones are quite valuable to adventurers as they can use them in order to preserve or prepare meals, make extreme environments bearable, and use them in clever devices.

Categories: Other, Magical
by Woofer295
on November 21, 2017
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 397
The Bramblebeasts By: Woofer295

A wagon lays overturned on the forest road, bodies savaged by tooth and claw lay strewn about it, their weapons clean of blood, seemingly unused.

A lone man runs from an unseen threat, deeper into the forest, away from the grisly scene in the road. He stumbles, his foot having caught on a root. He lands hard, his lungs feel like lead. Panting, he comes to his knees. Two eyes of emerald light meet his, a low growl emanates from the beast, and his death is swift.

Categories: Unique, Forest/ Jungle
by Woofer295
on November 17, 2017
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 534
Banshee Willow By: Woofer295

An ashen grey willow with pale leaved tendils obscuring it's gnarled trunk. Sitting in the mire of great swamps, rare even in it's natural environment. The Banshee Willow's bark is known to have magical properties. Travelers beware, these trees seem to attract ghosts and other unsavory undead.

Categories: Flora, Swamp
by Woofer295
on November 16, 2017
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 634
Anti-Robot Warfare By: Scrasamax

7 Methods of fighting robots in the Cosmic Era. These techniques and equipment also work against power armor troopers, cyborgs, and other high armor/small size targets.

Categories: Combat/ Warfare, Specific
by Scrasamax
on November 4, 2017
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 535
30 Underused Character Classes By: Scrasamax

Keep your orphaned assassins, prophetic dragoons, and world cracking magi.

Categories: Character Sheet, Travelers
by Scrasamax
on September 5, 2017
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Hits: 737
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