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30 Monsters of the North By: EchoMirage

A horde of devious, ferocious, tenacious, and atrocious creatures, beasts, and monstrosities to populate the northern realms of your fantasy. Get them while they're cold!

Categories: Intelligent Species, Tundra/ Arctic
by EchoMirage
on March 2, 2018
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Hits: 567
The Bikini Situation By: Scrasamax

oft eliciting nervous laughter, the Bikini Situation involves not bathing suit bottoms, but rather a problem that arose from the bottom of the Bikini atoll in the Pacific. It is a serious issue for the Pacific Rim Coalition.

Categories: Unique, Water
by Scrasamax
on August 21, 2017
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 762
Awake By: Scrasamax

For twenty seven years I lived a strange and unimaginable life, and one morning I woke up divorced from life. I was awake.

I wish I could go back to sleep

Categories: Fiction, Gaming - Genre
by Scrasamax
on February 18, 2017
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 912
The Celestial Dragon Suit By: valadaar

A wonderfully ornate wood and silk dragon suit of the kind used in the Chinese Dragon dance. Flawlessly crafted, it is a wonder to see.

Categories: Clothes, Magical
by valadaar
on August 17, 2015
Comments/Ideas: 1
Hits: 1723
Ancient Gamer
Pilgrim By: Ancient Gamer

There exists, within the interdimensional realm known as "Muir", a most holy city; a city of Gods, a city of Legends, a city with Dark Secrets.

Categories: City, Plains
by Ancient Gamer
on February 9, 2015
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 1982
The 30 Most Well Known Starfighters in the Outer Arms By: axlerowes

A survey of past and present space farers gives us a list of the 30 most common and or memorable small star ships encountered across the frontiers of human occupied space.

Categories: SpaceShips, Combat
by axlerowes
on January 5, 2015
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 2613
30 Alien Races By: EchoMirage

To all space explorers, rogue traders and Federation colonisation and expeditionary force officers!

Thirty new alien species have been discovered. You are well-advised to inform yourselves, as to engage these entities correctly, without risk of harm to yourself or to the interests of Terra.

Ten of the described species are human in origin, yet modified to such a degree that they no longer need to be considered human.

Another ten are civilisation-building aliens competing with Terra for available space.

The final ten entries are remarkable life forms that display sapience, without using it to create civilisations. Caution is advised.

Categories: Intelligent Species, Any
by EchoMirage
on October 5, 2014
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 2233
30 Fantastic Locations By: Scrasamax

drawn from/inspired by Hellfire: the Summoning mobile game

Categories: Area, Any
by Scrasamax
on May 20, 2014
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 1881
My Taalkastin Boatman By: axlerowes

After she ate the middle part of my wife’s body she gestured me out the door. Then she paddled me to the den of the Sage. All the while I stared at her rune marked back, my hand on the hilt of my sword, and I thought of my father and the hens.

Categories: Minor, Natural
by axlerowes
on April 1, 2014
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 1524
Star Whale By: Scrasamax

Methinks we have hugely mistaken this matter of Life and Death. Methinks that what they call my shadow here on earth is my true substance. Methinks that in looking at things spiritual, we are too much like oysters observing the sun through the water, and thinking that thick water the thinnest of air. Me thinks my body is but the lees of my better being. In fact take my body who will, take it I say, it is not me.”

? Herman Melville, Moby Dick

Categories: Third Kingdom, Space
by Scrasamax
on March 25, 2014
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 2329
The Martell Griffin and the 8th Plague of Lake Superior By: axlerowes

All you need to stop a brain is a bullet.

Categories: Unique, Plains
by axlerowes
on March 23, 2014
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 1659
Valadaars First Submission Advice By: valadaar

The author's quips and comments on making the most of your first submission

Categories: Rules and Advice, Citadel Help
by valadaar
on March 11, 2014
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 2202
Gravediggers' Legacy By: Murometz

A short tale about a shovel, a spade, and two trowels

Categories: Equipment Listing, Combat
by Murometz
on March 8, 2014
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 1746
Organic NPCs (and PCs) By: Longspeak

There are plenty of resources available to help detail characters. I wanted a way to organize and present those details in play naturally.

Categories: Character, Gaming - In General
by Longspeak
on February 1, 2014
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 2565
Civitas Caeli By: caesar193

Sometimes Utopias should stay as mere legends.

Categories: City, Space
by caesar193
on October 27, 2013
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 2197
30 Dimensional Fatigue Events By: Scrasamax

When arcanotech fails, it fails spectacularly

Categories: Crisis, Encounter
by Scrasamax
on September 12, 2013
Comments/Ideas: 1
Hits: 3419
Refuge Beneath the Waves By: MysticMoon

"They said it would bring us a new age of wonder, of exploration, of excitement. I don't think this is what they meant: us scurrying around like rats in our cities of steam and steel, far away from the land and the sun."

Categories: Regional, Water
by MysticMoon
on September 10, 2013
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 3343
A Spell Called Catherine By: Forganthus

When a wizard named Mendalus develops a spell that summons an obedient woman named Catherine--exactly like any other summoning spell--it creates chaos in the wizard-metropolis of Meltheria, as many interested parties struggle to understand the nature (and legality) of the Catherine spell, while vast fortunes hang in the balance.

Categories: Crisis, Single-Storyline
by Forganthus
on June 7, 2013
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 2776
Fields of Flesh By: Shadoweagle

Lavish glade and lush green field,

Wizen'd oaks; to the blight all yield.

Weeping trees of crimson blood,

the Fields of Flesh turn life to mud.

Will you tread and smile and sleep

where devils dance and angels weep?

Categories: Hired, Single-Storyline
by Shadoweagle
on December 20, 2012
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 3681
30 Things That Grow in a Dwarven Beard By: Dossta

Dwarven beards are rich habitats for the enterprising critter.

Categories: Agriculture/ Husbandry, General
by Dossta
on October 24, 2012
Comments/Ideas: 0
Hits: 5243
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