Demon Gates

The Demon gates are all hidden from prying eyes, either under mountains or lost within their vast chasms. In fortresses hidden by magic, or guarded by the unknowing. A single key, if found, will open only a specific gate. However, directions to the gates location are inscribed on each key in a demonic script. Only those loyal to Caedmon, or can understand the ancient written language of the Demon’s are able to read it.

The gates are massive stone doorways standing roughly thirty feet in height and twenty feet wide and made of black granite or onyx, with scenes of a demonic horde flooding through the gate as a wave through a cistern. Horrific images of murder and unspeakable acts toward the mortal races also adorn the doors. Read more

The Temple of the First Man

The man’s name was Bear, for back then, then people were few, and needed no more names than one, and no titles. Back then, the gods also were simpler, for they did not need to shroud themselves in mystery, and the faith of the people was pure and unsoiled. Read more

Winter is a Character

The weather is something that everyone always notices and talks about, but can’t do anything about. It is an important part of everyone’s life, yet it seems to be ignored in games. And everything important in a game is best thought of as a character of some sort. Read more


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Art Quest

Rumor has it that Jack Holliday has a piece of art that is being displayed and the person that can weave the most entertaining story will earn the praise of the Strolenati and prizes


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